Lake Buena Vista is located in Orange County, just southwest of Orlando, and is well known as a premier tourist destination. Florida enjoys the world’s fourteenth largest economy, with metro Orlando being at the top of that growth. Creating a stable and diversified economy is a priority for Orange County officials who use the economic prosperity brought about by the region’s enormous tourist industry to attract new businesses to the area that will provide a good balance for the economy. The area offers a rich amount of resources, a skilled workforce and educational and research facilities, which community and industry leaders will use to promote growth in several sectors. As the region moves into the 21st century, the following is a list of the targeted growth industries for the Buena Vista area: international businesses; film and television; arts, culture and sports; health care; tourism; and technology. Officials also hope to cultivate small business development by engaging in programs to educate the workforce, support neighborhood economic development and encourage redevelopment within the traditional urban areas. In the meantime, the following remain the major industries for the Lake Buena Vista/Orlando area: tourism, including entertainment, lodging, recreation and food services; education and health; retail trade; management and transportation; construction; finance, real estate, rental and leasing; manufacturing.